The Application of Blockchain 3.0 in Matchmaking


The Application of Blockchain 3.0 in Matchmaking



Let’s help one another and live in an unrestrained manner, sharing the blockchain and Likelib! Love is sweet, beautiful, and happy. We’ve read Xu Zhimo’s “Farewell to Cambridge Again,” and we’ve also been touched by the companionship of “Not unt

Hello LikeLib!


What is LikeLib?

LikeLib is an underlying architecture easy to use and access for commercially used blockchain 3.0. Through Likelib, developers can self-define sidechains, intelligent contracts, and cloud storage in the blockchain

Blockchain Terms

  1. Blockchain: The structure and technology of information storage and processing that can be trusted based on cryptography.

  1. Byzantine Failure: Refers to errors in the system other than message delays or non-delivery failures, including

LikeLib Goal


The early applications of blockchain technology were currency trading and financial transactions. With the development of blockchain technology, corresponding business models such as smart assets, real estate, automobiles and

LikeLib Team

The Likelib team is composed of a group of senior programmers, architects, and cryptography experts.

In the early days, Shanghai Heshu Blockchain Research team simulated, summarized and implemented a study based on Bitcoin