What Is LikeLib Blockchain On Earth?

The blockchain has been talked about a lot lately. Some people have already been aware of this concept, but others just have a vague understanding. Nowadays, too much relevant content has been flooded on the Internet which is hard for people to grasp. There is no clear understanding of what the blockchain really is.

As the concept of physical interpretation is used, the concept is generally not bad, but using concepts to explain concepts is basically fraud.


The core of blockchain is to solve trust problem

Although it is a cliche, it still has to say exactly what the blockchain is. The so-called blockchain is a new application mode of Internet technologies such as distributed data storage, p2p transmission, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms. The so-called consensus mechanism is a mathematical algorithm for establishing trust and acquiring rights between different nodes in a blockchain system.



Broadly speaking, blockchain technology is a brand-new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm using blockchain data structures to verify and store data, using distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, using cryptographic methods to secure data transmission and access and using smart contracts formed by automated scripts to program and manipulate data. The biggest feature of blockchain is that it cannot be tampered with and cannot be forged, or that the cost of tempering and forgery is extremely high. It solves the most fundamental problem between people—trust. It can replace a third party as a simple procedure to judge so that both parties can trade without fear.


The design of blockchain is a protection measure, such as Likelib.

Likelib blockchain underlying technology architecture makes the mixed consistency of this area possible. This makes the blockchain suitable for recording events, titles, records and other activities that require data collection, identity management, transaction process management and provenance management. Blockchain has great potential for most industries and has a huge impact on leading global trade.



The Current Application of Blockchain

Likelib is a blockchain infrastructure that provides various types of commercial application development. It provides an easy-to-use interface and access to a full-featured framework system. This is similar to Ethereum. With Likelib, developers can build, publish, distribute, and monetize applications in systems such as customized blockchains, smart contracts, cloud storage and compute nodes.

Unlike Ethereum, Likelib’s advantage of relying on Shanghai Heshu blockchain technologies makes it easier for users to synchronize data and saves users a lot of time and cost. Likelib does not need to synchronize other sidechain data. It only needs to synchronize its related or interested business data and applications to control all information freely, creating greater technology and trust value.

In the conception of Shanghai Heshu LikeLib blockchain team, LikeLib combines the essence of the existing high-quality blockchain underlying technology to build a more efficient, secure and scalable credit value chain ecosystem. A DApp is made up of smart contracts and client code. LikeLib is committed to creating diversified, decentralized application services that adapt to business scenarios in different industries, enabling ordinary users to access building applications faster and easier.



Blockchain Allows All Citizens to Participate in Accounting.

All people accounting are more stable. Since there’re no specific bookers in the system, any node lost or destroyed in the system will not affect the operation of the system. All people accounting is safer, and the system provides that the account book with the most number of same accounts is a true account book while the account book with some accounts that are inconsistent with other users are false account book. This makes it difficult for a blockchain with enough nodes to be attacked or tampered. These nodes are distributed in random corner of the Internet and unless you are God and can control most computers in the world, or you cannot tamper with them.

So the blockchain is considered the safest data management method ever. All people accounting is more efficient and since there is no centralized intermediary organization, it can be run automatically through a pre-set procedure, which can greatly reduce costs and improve efficiency, and ensure that the accounting process and content are open and transparent.

LikeLib blockchain can be used in a wider range of fields, such as medical, supply chain, Internet of things, security certification, social networking, aerospace, and AI.




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