“UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon” Ended Successfully And The Prize Was Announced!

On October 27, 2019, the “UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon” came to a successful conclusion. Dozens of software engineers gathered to share the feast of technology.

▲The teams introduce the entries

As of 18:30 that evening, after three days of intense and pleasant “brainstorming, master tricks”, the software programming contest ended successfully. Each team successively took the stage to showcase the competition project and gave a detailed introduction. The UTON HACK expert judges officially selected outstanding projects.

At 20:00, after the jury’s rigorous, professional, fair and impartial selection, the “Uton HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon” 8 blockchain project awards finally settled, and Mr. Tang Yi, Chairman of Heshu Software, as well as the the judges announced the competition, and the award ceremony was officially held.

Through layer-by-layer screening and technical assessment, eight teams stood out, and a total of eight blockchain projects were awarded:

■Hot Potatoes——CHAIN GOLF




■DeFi team——BEST FinTech PROJECT


■Hex.io——BEST DAPP


▲The winning team received the award

If you want to practice heroes, you must win more. We hope there will be more outstanding talents in next technology event. We also congratulate the employees who have achieved good results and have signed up to become the mainstay of the industry and attract more masters. For the technical team to continuously select and export the talent echelon, inject fresh blood, cast the “Iron Man” in the field of blockchain technology, and lay a broader global runway!


“Day and night, we’ll never stop…”

The contestants enjoyed the sense of accomplishment given by programming and the harvest and joy brought by sharing, learning and interaction during the competition. This technology feast made the engineers realize that this innovative programming hacking contest is more than just a smart competition. It is also a gathering of software technology experts and scholars to break through reconstruction, explore unknowns, and identify possible self-challenge sessions through continuous collisions. It is the most beautiful encounter of the practitioners who are chasing the dream of science and technology.

Technology has increased efficiency, innovation has driven change, and it is foreseeable how far-reaching and lasting the impact of new technologies will be on future social changes. And Heshu Software continues to climb the new peak of technology, to draw more scientific and technological talents, and to build our brand.

The successful conclusion of the “UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon” marks a new milestone! It has taken a solid step for Heshu Software to collect and recruit outstanding talents around the world. Through the presentation and influence of technical strength, it has extraordinary value and far-reaching significance for expanding overseas markets.

Heshu Software keeps pace with the times and constantly completes the leap and expansion to set up a great team. In the sea of innovative technology, Heshu Software rides the wind and waves, deepens its core technology, and thrives in the intelligent industry.

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