UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon Enters Fierce Competition Section

At 18:30 on October 25,2019,the opening ceremony of the”UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon”sponsored by Shanghai Heshu Software Co.,Ltd.,co-organized by Belarus Heshu Software Technology Company,was held in Minsk”IMAGURU”.

IMAGURU Division Distribution Map

■IMAGURU is located in Minsk,the capital of Belarus,and it is a shared office space.IMAGURU with three layers of space combines the advantages of office and conference.Its flexible and open office is loved by programmers,small business entrepreneurs,writers,designers,information engineers and other creative workers.

The hackathon has a total of more than 300 participants from 40 teams.Participants will be in a three-day event at IMAGURU.Participants will form a team based on the individual or a group of up to 5 people,and complete the project competition through coding.

■Competition official website: http://utonhack.com

Mr.Tang,Chairman of Heshu Software,said that the original intention of this competition was to attract top European technical talents and excellent science and technology projects,inject high-quality resources into enterprises,enhance core technological advantages,and create a scientific and technological society.

The theme of the competition is“Towards a New World”,bringing together the elites around the world to collide together with ideas,develop new ideas and create new results.

At the end of the opening ceremony,the“UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon”was officially launched,and each team opened a fierce and enjoyable programming competition.

The contestants are not restricted by the region and can freely combine team teams to compete in any office area of IMAGURU.Easily inspire,create multiple creations,and let the technical ideas burn in the minds of every contestant.

The”UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon”established a project checkpoint.As of 16:00 on October 26,all the contestants entered the suspended state,and the first round of the selection officially began.Through fierce competition,the participating individual or group team will select the items in the competition process at the checkpoint of the competition,and the first round of evaluation will be conducted by experts.The items that do not meet the competition standards will be eliminated.

During the period,Mr.Sergey Prilutskiy,Head of Software Research at MIXBYTES.I,opened the corner of the technical lecture.Players who are eliminated or other players are free to attend lectures when they are tired and relaxed.The lectures and technical guidance in the professional field will make the participants enjoy full of harvest.

Shanghai Heshu Software Co.,Ltd.adheres to scientific and technological innovation,independent research and development of high-tech,and is ready to absorb European technical talents,select high-quality projects,and accelerate the formation of new advantages of the company’s scientific and technological innovation through the”UTON HACK European Digital Technology Hackathon”.The final contest will select the best DAPP,the best technical solutions and other eight award.Who will be the winner?Wait and see!

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