Huawei Just Released a Blockchain White Paper – What Are The Chinese giants doing?


Following the Tencent Blockchain Solution White Paper released by Tencent and the Blockchain Implementation White Paper released by Jingdong. Huawei, one of the communications giants, formally released the “Huawei Blockchain White Paper” on April 17. Huawei Cloud Blockchain service BCS can help companies quickly build blockchain applications based on their own business scenarios.

In 2018, blockchain and related industries have undergone rapid development, and China will lead the world into the “Blockchain Trusted Digital Economic Society”. We are facing significant industrial opportunities in the blockchain. – Quoted from “Huawei Blockchain White Paper”

Although at the beginning of this month, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with reporters: “For Huawei, the blockchain has not been scheduled.” However, according to Zheng Yelai, president of Huawei Cloud BU, Huawei has been involved in the “Super Ledger” project under the Linux Foundation since 2016, and has contributed technology in this project.

He further stated that the blockchain is mainly divided into the coin circle and the chain circle, and Huawei will not go to the coin circle.



The concept of blockchain has been heating up in the Chinese market. Compared to other giant companies, Huawei’s layout has been later. For the moment, BATJ (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and, the four giants of China’s Internet, are ahead of other companies in the blockchain layout.


B Baidu: Focusing on optimizing the industrial structure with blockchain technology, enabling financial consumption.

In 2015, it began to lay out blockchains, explored the field of blockchains in the financial field and formed teams.

In May 2017, jointly issued the ABS project supported by the first single blockchain technology in China with its partners.



In July 2017, a blockchain open platform BaaS commercial-level blockchain cloud computing platform was launched.

In August 2017, it released the first single blockchain technology-based exchange ABS in China.


A Ali: It focuses on food safety traceability, medical industry, and logistics inquiries.

In July 2016, Ant Financial Group first applied blockchain technology to the Alipay Love Donation platform.

In March 2017, created a transparent traceable cross-border food supply chain.

In August 2017, a blockchain application based on medical scenarios was launched – pilot project of “Medical + Blockchain”

In November 2017, it undertook the implementation of the Digital XiongAn Blockchain Implementation platform.


T Tencent: Paying more attention to the layout of blockchains in the integration of financial and technical scenarios.

In May 2016, it formed a financial blockchain cooperation alliance with other companies.

In April 2017, the blockchain solution was officially released.

In November 2017, it formally Launches Blockchain Financial Solution BaaS



J Jingdong: Dedicated to Block Chain Anti-counterfeit, Intellectual Property Protection, Blockchain Accelerator Project.

In June 2017, it announced the establishment of “Jingdong Quality Anti-counterfeit Alliance”

In December 2017, it established of a secure food blockchain tracking alliance.

In March 2018, it officially released the “Jingdong Blockchain Implementation Technology White Paper”



At the same time, there are many innovative companies that are actively exploring and catching up in the blockchain field. Some traditional companies are eager to use blockchain technology to solve some particular pain points, reduce trust costs, and make business chain.

However, it is not easy for companies to deploy blockchains based on their own capabilities. Developers need to have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, which is time consuming and labor-intensive.

Based on these appeals, blockchain business application platform – likelib, this type of blockchain underlying projects can be a good solution to the problem. Likelib provides libraries and developers with high-performance, high-security blockchain services. It helps enterprises in various fields such as finance, medical care, insurance, public welfare, etc. build applications efficiently and quickly, and conduct various types of business activities quickly and accurately.



China has the world’s largest Internet market, and the blockchain industry has natural advantages and is at the forefront of the world. At the same time, the diversification of application scenarios has promoted the rapid development of blockchain technology; but at the same time, the formulation of blockchain standards is still not complete, and the currency circle is mixed.

Therefore, it’s our mission to build China’s blockchain ecological alliance, speed up the pace of blockchain technology research, and further standardize the development of the industry.




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