Blockchain 3.0 Era: LikeLib Protects Intellectual Property

Not long ago, there were news on websites such as and Tencent Lizhi APP was accused of being similar with JiKe, which aroused a hot discussion. Tencent CEO Ma Huateng mediated the news in person and Tencent Lizhi APP was temporarily removed.

To be fair, similarities between similar types of products are actually nothing wrong. However, people’s awareness of rights protection is getting stronger and stronger. Relevant laws and regulations for the protection of intellectual property are becoming more and more complete. Mr. Ma’s explanation is indeed worth noting.

In fact, intellectual property rights infringements, including music, articles, and photography (graphics design images), are commonplace. Pirate plagiarism plagues the original creators. Copyright disputes are difficult to obtain evidence, high cost, complex copyright trading rights and intricate authorization are also plaguing copyright owners.

With the continuous improvement of blockchain technology, its decentralized multi-node recording function has solved these problems which have been the headache of the original creators and copyright owners of digital intellectual property works for many years !

The feature of blockchain technology is to add encrypted data in chronological order to form a multi-node record that is permanently and irreversibly modified. It is perfect for the protection of intellectual property.

The advent of the blockchain 3.0 era marks the gradual landing of blockchain application scenarios. The application of blockchain technology in IP copyright protection can fundamentally solve the above problems and pain points.

Likelib, independently developed by the blockchain technology team of Shanghai Heshu Software Co., Ltd., is a diversified public chain based on blockchain 3.0. With the characteristics of high performance and high efficiency, users only need to synchronize their own relevant data, and access is more convenient and easier to use.

Likelib is of great significance in fundamentally regulating the digital goods industry, protecting intellectual property rights and completely resolving copyright issues, and it provides a new way of thinking.

Likelib can identify every digital product (music, articles, pictures, software, etc.). It can be used as a metaphor: Likelib has the ability to issue “ID Cards” for intellectual property digital goods!

Likelib’s copyright protection mechanism in this area is as follows: It can first extract information data for each new work (encryption protection records at the same time so that this record can not be changed). Compare the information data of the work with all works recorded in the entire network, original works can be defaulted when the similarity of a work is lower than a certain standard ratio. We use Likelib to perform weak centralized recording and obtain the unique ID of the entire network at the same time.

If subsequent similar products appear, they will be identified by Likelib in the first place, thus protecting the original product.

All use procedures and conditions can be accurately tracked, and all infringements can be detected in a timely manner, which can effectively combat and contain infringement.

Based on the underlying framework of blockchain 3.0, Likelib serves the IP copyrights of various digital products, carries out global copyright statements, and protects original intellectual property around the world with accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

With the increasing popularity of Likelib in this field, the protection of intellectual property rights will be more standardized and transparent, bringing good news to original authors.

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