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Work being consistent with hobbies is a blessing for people.

My job is an editor. I loved literature when I was a child. I have always been able to indulge in the author’s writing. The team I currently work for is Shanghai Heshu Software Technology Co., Ltd, which research and develop relative technologies of blockchain projects.

Our team has independently researched and developed this model based on the small-capacity public chain of Blockchain 3.0.


Story About Me And Likelib

The word blockchain was actually heard a long time ago. At that time, I was only looking at it from the perspective of a bystander. I couldn’t imagine that I would join the industry one day.

The process from freshman to understanding the essence is a painful process. I have a certain textual foundation and can write fresh thing in a very familiar way. But the premise is that we must understand the concept of blockchain, the birth history, the current bottleneck and future application, as well as the huge value in blockchain. I’ve had a full understanding through various channels.

Slowly, from knowing nothing about the basics at the beginning, I’ve gradually managed to write related articles on Blockchain 3.0 and related articles about Shanghai Heshu team, including the outlook of the industry itself, the advantages of Blockchain 3.0, Likelib’s technological breakthroughs and innovations, and the availability of application scenarios (applicable in all industries).



What struck me most was the business part of Likelib’s white paper, which is a headache and I have to learn various technical terms, the current blockchain technology issues and the advantages and strengths of Likelib itself, including the cases of application scenarios landing. I made repeated changes word by word and the Likelib white paper is written with the joint efforts of the team.


Behind the white paper is the hard work of more than 400 days.

Our team is a group of young professionals with strong technical expertise and dreams and we’ve independently developed Likelib. We have discussed, organized and summarized in depth the current bottlenecks and user problems in blockchain technology. Then, Likelib’s technical performance has made a peer-to-peer breakthrough and innovation on these issues.

Sometimes people are immersed in hard work and busy cracking with the keyboard and mouse. Sometimes people talk to each other, sparking many good ideas during the collision of wisdom. Sometimes even arguing and blushing, and sometimes we work so late until late at night that everyone forgets that they have not eaten yet…


Sharpening makes a mighty sword, and cold makes a blooming wintersweet.. As a symbol of the new industrial technology revolution, Blockchain 3.0 has a long way to go. Only by continuously exploring and constantly challenging ourselves, can the blockchain technology be continuously upgraded, and Likelib will eventually be completed. We are full of confidence and duty-bound!




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