The Application of Blockchain 3.0 in Matchmaking


The Application of Blockchain 3.0 in Matchmaking



Let’s help one another and live in an unrestrained manner, sharing the blockchain and Likelib! Love is sweet, beautiful, and happy. We’ve read Xu Zhimo’s “Farewell to Cambridge Again,” and we’ve also been touched by the companionship of “Not until the end of the world will I part from you” in Qiong Yao’s”Returning the Bead”. Love is sacred and inviolable. Nowadays, many marriage and dating websites have numerous blind parties, which is full of miscellaneous phenomenon. Ever since, the swindlers who swear “Love and Marriage” have actually cheated money and defrauded people, and those who yearn for true love have also complained. It can be seen that regulating the marriage and dating market is imminent.


In fact, the centralization of current matchmaking services (including physical matchmaking and dating websites) does not guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the information related to each participant. Once there is malicious tempering or accidental loss, It is not only the credibility of the matchmaking service that suffers the loss, but also the money, time and energy of the individual. In view of the special nature of matchmaking agency, those who desire love will be hurt emotionally.

Is there any technology that can fundamentally check and confirm the dating information of matchmaking agency so as to escort people’s beautiful love life?

Yes, there is! With the advent of the new industrial revolution, blockchain technology is advancing with each passing day. Blockchain 3.0, represented by Laikelib, has undergone practical tests in the 1.0 and 2.0 eras, and it is well-developed and is serving every aspect of people’s work and life. It’s even more remarkable and powerful in the practice of dating and marriage, which can completely put an end to false data information and escort every person who pursues true love.



Laikelib, The Representative of Blockchain 3.0 Era

The actual information of each participant is superimposed and recorded in chronological order, permanent and cannot be reversely modified, ensuring absolute truthfulness and validity. Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, relevant data information of participants (protecting the privacy of participants through encryption) is accurately recorded by multiple nodes and can not be maliciously tampered, and not even to worry about accidental loss. The feature of Laikelib’s small capacity, which was independently researched and developed by the R&D team, has also made significant breakthroughs in the massive data processing capabilities, which has greatly improved work efficiency. Whether it is young men and women dating each other or single old men and women who try to seek a second marriage, they can rely on Laikelib’s data information! Not only does it benefit men and women who are pursuing sweet love, but also has an invaluable positive role in promoting the stability of society and people’s happy life.



With the continuous application and popularization of Laikelib in this industry, we can really sincerely sigh the phrase “Let’s help one another and live in an unrestrained manner, sharing the blockchain and Laikelib!”

Love in Blockchain 3.0 era is more innocent, more beautiful, and sweeter!




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