Hello Laikelib!


What is Laikelib?

Laikelib is an underlying architecture easy to use and access for commercially used blockchain 3.0. Through Laikelib, developers can self-define sidechains, intelligent contracts, and cloud storage in the blockchain and make profits by building, releasing, and distributing applications.

As envisioned by the LaikeLib team, LaikeLib will build a more efficient, safer and scalable credit value ecosystem that combines the quintessence of existing underlying technologies of blockchain.

DApp comprises an intelligent contract and client code. LaikeLib is dedicated to building diversity and can be adapted to application services in different application scenarios. Users can access Laikelib and build applications fast and easily.


Laikelib’s Vision

Laikelib is a small capacity public blockchain that is based on blockchain 3.0 and entirely self-researched and developed. It can change “blockchain+” into reality and enrich our lives.

By establishing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DCOs), Laikelib reconstructs and further develops the decentralized system. It can be applied to science and technology, medical, energy, electricity, aviation and other industries. LaikLib main chain processes the main application business model, while the sidechain provides diverse and multi-matching of application scenario accesses. It uses parallel computing, making it possible to expand the blockchain to millions of users and millions of transactions per second, improving the efficiency of smart business development. Laikelib is a real blockchain born for business application.

The founding philosophy of Laikelib is that technology improves life and credit creates value. The ultimate goal of Laikelib is to incorporate blockchain into social life and create extraordinary value. Once the Laikelib super computer network is formed, it will be a top speed network with infinite storage and no delay where all transfers and exchanges can be made almost instantly.

Laikelib welcomes you to join in the endeavor to continuously improve the blockchain ecosystem. LaikLib will certainly attract more attention in the future.


Laikelib Welcomes Your Participation

Laikelib will remain inclusive and welcome all of you to participate in the endeavor to improve the blockchain ecosystem.

Relying on the technological advantages of blockchain, Laikelib makes data synchronization faster and saves a lot of time for users. Laikelib does not have to synchronize data of sidechains, thus saving a lot of capacity for users. Users only have to synchronize business data relating to them. Therefore, they can control all transaction data freely and create more social value.

Compared with transactions through a third party, transactions through Laikelib are more convenient, transparent and decentralized, therefore more trustworthy.

400 Days’ Hard Work.

Hello Laikelib!




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