Application Access Introduction And How to Access LikeLib

  1. What is a blockchain application? The benefits of application accessing blockchain technology?

Blockchain applications generally consist of smart contracts deployed in a blockchain network and applications that invoke these smart contracts. It removes middleman and reduces operating costs, transparent, efficient and more secure.

  1. What is Dapp?

Running on a distributed network; participants’ information is securely stored and privacy is well protected; network nodes are decentralized. Applications that comply with the above three factors ( the Dapp definition standard) are decentralized applications.

  1. Three Characteristicsof Dapp ?

The program is open source, and data encryption is stored in open and decentralized blockchains; applications must generate credit information through standard algorithms. Users who contribute should receive corresponding credit value rewards; improvements based on market feedback must be consented by most users.

  1. How Does The Application AccesstoLikelib?

Likelib provides public APIs for developers to access. Based on the smoothness of the API interface, multi-programming language access can be used. In the future, we will also provide a multi-lingual SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers to quickly access.


  1. What Programming Language ExperienceIs Required to Join Likelib Development?

Likelib uses the blockchain application basic service framework written in C/C++ language. So, if you are willing to join Likelib development, you need to have C/C++ language programming experience.




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