LikeLib Team

The Likelib team is composed of a group of senior programmers, architects, and cryptography experts.

In the early days, Shanghai Heshu Blockchain Research team simulated, summarized and implemented a study based on Bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum blockchain technology. After gradually sorting out the results, it was found that the above two architectural solutions have insufficient support for diversified and multi-industry applications.

The Likelib team was born of this to achieve the realization of DApps’ diversified and multi-industry blockchain business scenario model. Through the provision and access of corresponding APIs, developers can quickly build and develop blockchain applications. Application systems include new retail systems, manufacturing ERP systems, online O2O mall systems and medical credit systems, etc.

In constant exploration, we also welcome more people to join in, to improve together with us. You can communicate with us by email, forum posting, blog interaction, etc.





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